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Isilon and Ambari

Isilon and Ambari

New Contributor


Hello community,

I have Isilon Isilon and Ambari and I really, really like to connect them together for a proof of concept in order to evaluate some strategies.

Let me say that I spent days (probably months) trying over and over again to connect those systems together, following strictly this pdf.

HDFS on Isilon is perfectly running, but after several trials, I didn't make any progress, I'm probably a noob for doing that so at the end, I raised the white flag.

In the picture, you can see my best achievement, only HDFS is working but no others process is able to use HDFS on isilon.

I also installed Ambari on Ubuntu 16.04 (which is the distro that I would like to use) and Centos7 but the result still remains the same.

Is there an expert in this community or someone which has already accomplished this mission who can share his own experience?

I assume that it could be very helpful for using HWorks in enterprise environments.

Thanks a lot.


Re: Isilon and Ambari


Hello @Francesco

we use an Isilon for our Hadoop platform in production since two years.

In production we are working on cluster HDP 2.6.5

and yesterday i was able to install a cluster HDP 3.1.

Can you explain more precisely your problem ? maybe with some error messages


Re: Isilon and Ambari

New Contributor

Hello ,

after a long investigation it turned out it was an Isilon issue.

EMC support fixed the problem,


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