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Issue Activating Kafka

Issue Activating Kafka


Unable to get Kafka activated on my cluster. When I distribute the parcel and attempt to activate I get an error stating, "CDH (5.2 and higher) parcel required for KAFKA (2.0.1- is not available." - I'm running CDH 5.7.1 though.


If I try to just distribute then activate via adding the service, all the brokers fail to start:


Service did not start successfully; not all of the required roles started: only 0/7 roles started. Reasons : Service has only 0 Kafka Broker roles running instead of minimum required 1.

Any thoughts?


Re: Issue Activating Kafka

Super Collaborator
What version of Cloudera Manager are you running, is it also 5.7.1? Did you have a previous version of kafka installed? Do you have anything under /opt/cloudera/csd on your cluster nodes?


Re: Issue Activating Kafka


I am indeed running CDH 5.7.1 - and no, I've never installed Kafka on this cluster.


The only two directories under /opt/cloudera/ are parcel-cache and parcels.

Re: Issue Activating Kafka

Rising Star

kafka integrates with Cloudera Manager using a Custom Service Descriptor (CSD).

you have to download the CSD ( and put it in /opt/cloudera/csd/ and then restart service .

Re: Issue Activating Kafka

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Can you confirm, are you running packages or parcels for your cluster?


If you are using the QuickStart VM please read this note that comes along

The VM uses a package-based install. This allows you to work with or without Cloudera Manager. Parcels do not work with the VM unless you first migrate your CDH installation to use parcels. On your production systems, Cloudera recommends that you use parcels.

In order to use a Kafka parcel, the CDH installation must first exist as a parcel by itself. The error you face is telling you that no CDH parcel was detected, which likely means your current CDH is package-based.

Follow this guide to migrate from packages to parcels first for your CDH cluster software:, and then you should be able to use your Kafka parcel.

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