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Issue in ExcelToCsv NiFi processor

Issue in ExcelToCsv NiFi processor

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Hello ,


I am using ExcelToCsv nifi processor for conversation of .xlsx files to csv file. Wants to convert bunch of .xlsx files which has data in different format to csv. Once the file get converted to csv ,data is getting changed as below.



I have used below property values inside ExcelToCsv processor.


Refered ExcelToCsv nifi processor link 


CSV format:custom

Value separator : comma

Quote character : double quotes

Quote mode : Quote minimal


Here are few points where i observed data got changed.

270E+11===> 270000000000

34,45,67,344===>344567344 : for third case,quote character does not get added.


Somebody please let us know why am i getting wrong results in csv ouput file?


How to solve this issue?Or  Is there any solution for excel to csv conversion?