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Issue with Nifi Tutorial from the new Sandbox HDP 2.6

Not sure if hortornworks support team really run these command when they prepare the Nifi tutorial.

it doesn't work for me. vboxmanage is not found in the sandbox. Open command doesn't work either.

Same issue with the other script

[root@sandbox ~]# ./auto_scripts/ HDF

Sandbox Virtual Environment Selection Menu

'Docker' - is my environment

'VirtualBox' - is my environment

Please enter 'Docker' or 'VirtualBox'. HDF Sandbox Virtual Environment Selection Menu 'Docker' - is my environment

You entered HDF Sandbox runs on: VirtualBox

Start VirtualBox VM's Docker HDF Sandbox...

./auto_scripts/virtualbox-scripts/ line 3: vboxmanage: command not found Starting Ambari Services, may take 2.5 minutes..

. Launch Ambari UI... ./auto_scripts/ line 34: open: command not found


Super Guru
@Lucy zhang

Can you please share the tutorial you are using? Nifi comes with HDF and not HDP. Also are ssh-ing into the docker container using port 2222 "ssh -p 2222 root@"

@mqureshi ;

The tutorial can be found at

First I logged in the Vmware, then I used ssh into container by port 2222.

You are right, it should be HDF sandbox. Seems I downloaded wrong VMware. Will redownload and try again. Thanks.

I have downloaded the right HDF sandbox and confirmed my downloading has the same MD5 checksum.

After I started the virtual machine, I keep getting below error, Any idea ?

rejecting I/O to offline devices


Super Guru
@Lucy zhang

This is a virtualbox error and not HDF. Have you deleted your previous VM? All cleaned up? One work around for your issue is to set CPU's for this VM to 1 (you probably don't like it but at least it will make it work). Please see the following JIRA for your issue.