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Issue with Sample HDF/NIFI tutorial - Solr/Zookeeper

Issue with Sample HDF/NIFI tutorial - Solr/Zookeeper

New Contributor

I am using a Docker version of Sandbox. Any help would be really appreciated.

After starting Solr in Cloud mode, when I try to create a collection - tweets, I get errors like -

Invalid path string "/configs//opt/lucidworks-hdpsearch/solr/server/solr/configsets/data_driven_schema_configs/conf/solrconfig.xml" caused by empty node name specified @9

Sometimes this -

Specified config does not exist in ZooKeeper:collection1

Re: Issue with Sample HDF/NIFI tutorial - Solr/Zookeeper

. @Reshma Raghavan How does your Solr Processor configuration look like, especially the property "Solr Location"?

Also could you please upload your solrconfig.xml?

Did you configure a separate Zookeeper ZNode for your solr cloud?

I believe this is just a configuration issue, "/configs" is the ZNode name (within zookeeper) where solr cloud stores the collection configurations. Not sure why its trying to append the solrconfig.xml path here.

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