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Issue with storm kafka spout

Issue with storm kafka spout

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Please your help with the following issue:

I'm loading a xml file from nifi to kafka using xml split and publishKafka_0_10 processors. Also I create a new schema in the schema registry and deploy a new application in SAM that take the data from kafka to create a .txt file using a HDFS sink.

When I`m going to storm UI, I see that the spouts (kafka) have the following error:

com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.serde.SerDesException: Unknown protocol id [60] received while deserializing the payload at com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.serdes.avro.AvroSnapsh

Please your help with this issue.

Actually, we have two nodes, in the first one we have the following applications:

Ambari - Nifi and kafka

In the second one we have this applications:

Schema registry - SAM - Hive - HDFS

Our HDF version is, for that reason we dismiss this HCC:


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