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Issue writing a JSON file to PutDynamoDB processor

Issue writing a JSON file to PutDynamoDB processor

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I am trying to use PutDynamoDB processor to write the below JSON object into a table in DynamoDB. However, when I go to the dynamodb table, the entire JSON object from the FlowFile lands under the property set in JSON Document Attribute (in this case, activity).

JSON Input:


"messageid": "1",

"application": "value 1",

"datetime": "value 2",

"dev": "value 3",

"activity": "value 4"


For example, I have the below in a field called activity in dynamodb table. Attached is a screenshot of the table in dynamodb capture.jpg

Output in DynamoDB table under a field called 'activity':


"application" : {

"S" : "value 1"


"datetime" : {

"S" : "value 2"


"dev" : {

"S" : "value 3"


"activity" : {

"S" : "value 4"


"messageid" : {

"S" : "1"



I want the JSON contents of the FlowFile to land in DynamoDB as a record with a messageid and 4 fields with their respective values. I don't know if this is a bug or if I am using it incorrectly. Is there any workaround?

Any help will be appreciated on the issue.


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