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Issuea with Spark Context during exam


Issuea with Spark Context during exam

New Contributor
Yesterday I attempted CCA 175 exam.
I am not sure if Cloudera exam env was working as expected or not.
I launched pyspark as pyspark --master yarn
and then was trying to read file from hadoop file system using sc.textFile("</path>".However it was not working.
I am not sure what I missed or what was the issues.
Is it possible to for you to check what was the issues ?

Re: Issuea with Spark Context during exam

Community Manager

Hi @Raja1997


You can email the certification team at to look into your concern. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: Issuea with Spark Context during exam

New Contributor
I did.They just sent a link from the FAQ and saying non-further information will be provided.I am mot sure if there is any environmental issues then how a candidate will know and how he will handle it.I also posted what I did. to
launch pyspark.I din’t ask any thing related to the solution of any question from the exam.I just wanted to confirm if this pypsark launch command is valid in cloudera exam env or not as the same command is working in vm and other external env povider.