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JAAS Login Config Not Available error while connecting from SAP Lumira to Hive

New Contributor

I am trying to access Hive tables from SAP Lumira, but while connecting I am getting an error JAAS login Config Not available. Could you please guide me on how to proceed further on this?


Cloudera Employee

@Preeti Padelkar Can you post the error trace from client (& server if you have one)?

New Contributor

Hi @Vaibhav Gumashta ,

I was able to solve the issue and the issue persisted on the SAP Lumira side and not the HDP side.

Thank you for your response.

New Contributor

Hi @Preeti,

Can you give more détails about how you solved the jaas_login_config_not_available error ?

Thank you for you help

New Contributor

Hi Hani,

I have added the property of the connection to AuthMech=3.

Let me know if you need anything else.

New Contributor

Hi Preeti,

I have a secured hadoop cluster with Kerberos (Use of an Existing MIT KDC). So I'm adding "AuthMech=1" in advanced settings.

But I'm getting the following error: Driver error: [Simba][HiveJDBCDriver](500164) Error initialized or created transport for authentification: CONN_KERBEROS_AUTHENTIFICATION_ERROR_GET_JAASCONFIGURE.

I have edited the JAAS.conf file as follow:

Client { required






Any clue ?

Kind regards


New Contributor