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JMX metric for plotting namenode traffic and load

New Contributor


I'm looking into available JMX metrics for namenode. What can be used as a representative metric for plotting namenode load and traffic from other nodes?

I see some of the metrics related to CPU currently that can be used for load.

ProcessCpuTime, ProcessCpuLoad

Any inputs are appreciated! Thanks!



You could use the following:

1. NumOpenConnections - provides the number of open connections to Namenode on port 8020 from other nodes.

Object Name: Hadoop:service=NameNode,name=RpcActivityForPort8020

2. BlockReportAvgTime could be used to roughly gauge how quickly the name node is getting block report. A peak could indicate namenode is loaded.

3. RpcQueueTimeAvgTime - An abnormal value could indicate some load on the namenode. This is present for both namenode and datanode