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Japanese characters not shown in hive

New Contributor

I have uploaded one file in hive with name column which has Japanese names. When I display the file on hive terminal, it shows me garbage value like 'Ã�ストラãƒ'. How can I get it to display me names in Japanese only? I am very new to hive and have not been able to find a solution.


Hi @Shashank Chauhan

Are you using hive cli or beeline? or something else, like hive view in ambari? The solution is different depending on this.
If you are on cli/beeline, try setting the LANG env viariable before you run your query in beeline

export LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8

If you are using ambari views, you may have to add that into

Update: BTW you may also have to set the SERDEPROPERTIES for your table, if you havent already. Ex.

ALTER TABLE your_table SET SERDEPROPERTIES ('serialization.encoding'='SJIS');