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Job Browser duration is wrong



From https://mycluster_hue:8000/jobbrowser/, the duration column is showing 1things like 7064d:6h:32m:31s (which is probably the elapsed time from 01/01/1970)

When I go to the job detail screen the start date, end date and duration are correct, which confirms the time server are OK and the job meta data are correct too.

Has anyone the same problem, and a tip to fix this?

Thanks a lot for the community help,


Job browser:


Job detail:



Re: Job Browser duration is wrong


Please check if the resource manager at http://<resource_manager_host>:8088 is showing correct StartTime/FinishTime. If not this would explain calculating duration from the epoch time. If it is fine please check/correct the value of time_zone in hue.ini

To find the available timezones:

ls /usr/share/zoneinfo ==> gives you X: the available zones (for example Europe)
ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/{your zone} ==> gives you Y: the time zone for specific cities (if they are available. for example Paris)

time_zone should be equal to X/Y (eg: Europe/Paris)

After making changes in hue.ini please restart hue

service hue restart