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Just finished upgrading to 5.8.1

Just finished upgrading to 5.8.1

Rising Star

Greetings my beloved friends at Cloudera and all CDH users,


I am so excited to announce that I just finished upgrading our 9 node non-prod cluster (on AWS) to CM 5.8.1 and CDH parcels 5.8.0. Went off without an issue at all.


As I have always proudly announced , I have been a starving developer version user of CDH for the past 5 years !


We are heavy users of Hive on Spark , HBase and Impala for creating curated datasets for our machine learning models and we can truly say we do not know where we will be without Cloudera !  So a big thank you to all Cloudera team with our folded hands and heads bent with respect and gratitude.


I want to say a big thank you to the ever responsive cloudera community for answering my questions and clarifying problems. We would not have come so far without your die-hard positive attitude and hard-core community support.


Warmly and appreciatively,



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