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KAFKA + RAID 10 VS JBOD on kafka

KAFKA + RAID 10 VS JBOD on kafka

hi all

we have HDP version 2.6.5

from confluent document we see that kafka maybe should works with RAID10 ( )

but we configured the Kafka servers with multiple log directories, each directory mounted on a separate drive.

and we not have any RAID configuration ( mirrors disks )

now - lets assume we have 12 disks in the JBOD

so my question is :

in case one or two disks in kafka machine will fails


what is the affected on kafka machine with this situation ( dose kafka will loose data )?


Re: KAFKA + RAID 10 VS JBOD on kafka

New Contributor

Hi Michael Bronson

To answer your question; JBOD is not recommended!

Kafka Broker will crash and stop if any disk is corrupted or any I/O Error is encountered.

Your re-assignment of data (or replicas) won't work between disks in a single broker if you want to balance the data.



Re: KAFKA + RAID 10 VS JBOD on kafka

so in that case why hortonworks created the HDP 2.6.5 and kafka support JBOD in this version ?


Re: KAFKA + RAID 10 VS JBOD on kafka

what I am saying is that - if you right , then why this option is valid in HDP 2.6.5 ?