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KDC installation

KDC installation


Hello team,

We are planning to migrate KDC service from one host to a new host in the cluster.


It's Kerborised cluster.


How should we go about with the process.


Thanks and regards




Re: KDC installation

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From the Cloudera perspective, you would need to make sure all your cluster hosts have their "krb5.conf" files updated with the new KDC information.

Also, if Cloudera Manager is managing credentials, you will need to update CM's Kerberos configuration.


If all of the objects in the KDC are the same and the configuration is the same, then that should be it as far as CM and CDH.


The specifics really depends on how you are using Cloudera Manager to manage credentials and krb5.conf.


NOTE:  roles on hosts where the krb5.conf has changed should be restarted to make sure they are using the correct KDC.

Re: KDC installation




Thanks for the clarification.

When you say CM's Kerberos configuration, you mean from Administration -> Security -> Kerberos Credentials -> Configuration

In the krb5.cnf file for all hosts, if we don't change "kdc" name should that be okay ? We will keep the same hostname for the new host.

How do we install the KDC in the new host ?