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Can anyone help me to configure KRPC ?




hi @saihadoop,


Can you provide some additional details for those who may be able to assist you. Specifically, can you confirm that you are referring to the Apache Kudu remote procedure call framework? And if so, what are you trying to do with it?





Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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I am trying configure KRPC because if you see the below error the queries are hitting scalability limitations with the Thrift-RPC stack.


RPC client failed to connect: Couldn't open transport for (connect() failed: Connection refused) 


I researched on this issue and see that to avoid such errors. I have to configure KRPC.

Please go through the below link to get more info

@saihadoopKRPC is enabled by default in CDH5.15 and above and is not supported in earlier versions. So you just need to upgrade to CDH5.15.

To clarify my previous answer, you get KRPC by installing CDH5.15+ or CDH6.1+. CDH6.0 does not support KRPC.

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