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KTS Installation as parcel

KTS Installation as parcel

New Contributor

We have uploaded license file in the CM UI. We were trying to fetch the Key Trustee Server (KTS) as parcel. We went ahead customizing the parcel's repo also to add,


Tried couple of varients too,


We are not getting any success to download the parcel. Since we don't have associated username:password, we can't access the parcel directly too,




Can you please help.


- Mayank


Re: KTS Installation as parcel

Expert Contributor



Key Trustee server is a product that is only available to customers who hold EDH licenses. The URL(s) you are pointing at through CM today are for older releases. The gazzang archive no longer recieves updates. If you hold a valid license and are authorized to access Key Trustee you must use the cloudera download portal. Once you have the repo-as-a-tarball object you will need to setup a local repository.  If you are unable to download the older components from the gazzang archive or more current releases from the cloudera portal you will need to contact a member of Account Services or Sales.


At present we classify  the 5.7.x release as a stable landing point for customers and we would recommend obtaining components of Key Trustee for this release.

Customer Operations Engineer | Security SME | Cloudera, Inc.

Re: KTS Installation as parcel

New Contributor

I am also trying to download the KTS and KMS parcels via the specified urls:


I have a developer license and I have logged into my account and attempted to download the parcels I am not able to do this and receive an access denied message.


Is it the case that the developer license whilst it enables the Nav features in the Cloudera Manager still does not give access to the KTS software? 


I am following the instructions for setting up KTS/KMS and am attempting to set up an internal repository for parcels as instructed, I have tried using the parcel from the standard parcels list in Cloudera Manager but this does not seem to provide all the required software.


Please can someone let me know how I can evaluate the KTS software using a developer license.





Re: KTS Installation as parcel

Community Manager

@andyboxer Someone will be reaching out to you directly to discuss your question. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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