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Kafka 2.0 - Multiple Kerberos Principals in KafkaConnect Connectors

Kafka 2.0 - Multiple Kerberos Principals in KafkaConnect Connectors

New Contributor

We are currently using HDF (Hortonworks Dataflow) 3.3.1 which bundles Kafka 2.0.0. Problem is with running multiple connectors with different configuration(Kerberos principals) on same KafkaConnect Cluster.


As part of this Kafka version, all connectors are supposed to use same consumer/producer properties which have been set in worker configuration with consumer.* or producer.* prefix. But as I stated, we have multiple users (apps) running their own connectors and we can't use a single Kerberos principal to allow read on all topics.


So just wanted to check with experts if there is any way this security limitation can be over come. The option I can think of is - run a different Kafka-Connect cluster for each Kafka User (different principals) but what implications it could have if we run many KafkaConnect Clusters on same nodes ? Will it cause any impacts in term of resources (Java heap etc.) or this is the only way (standard procedure) to handle this.


PS: In later releases (2.3+) this problem is fixed via KAFKA-8265 and these settings can be overwritten but even if we try upgrading to latest HDF we will only get Kafka 2.1 which will not solve this issue.

Thanks for your help !!