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Kafka Nifi Integration


We have a 2 node test cluster where we Installed Kafka & Nifi.

Kafka brokers & Nifi running on both nodes .

I am very new to this setup. What ports need to be open.

How can a user access the cluster from his local machine and if possible can someone share a test from scratch.

I know my ask is too much. Its just that i want to get a good insight how this whole thing works and integrates.

I have gone through below article, but not sure where to start or how can i access kafka/nifi from my local machine:


Super Collaborator

The default ports are as follows

  • Kafka: 9092
  • NiFi: 8080
  • Zookeeper: 2181

You can access NiFi via the Web UI running on port 8080.

You can access Kafka from your local machine, outside of a broker by downloading the kafka package for your respective Kafka broker version, then run a command like this to see all the topics in the cluster.

kafka-topics --list --zookeeper yourZkServer:2181 

Perhaps, the Kafka Quickstart guide would be a good start for you. And you can extend that knowledge of produce/consume over to the NiFi UI.