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Kafka installation from yum

Kafka installation from yum

New Contributor

When instatlling kafka from yum repo, two problems encounter.


- Where there may contain cloudera-kafka.repo that contains version 3.1.0?


The repo info for redhat 7 (as below) only provides kafka version 1. But I need the version 3.1.0 packaged by cloudera.


- After kafka and kafka-server packages are installed, how can I start kafka server?


In vallnila kafka version, we can start kafka broker by ` config/`, then ` config/`. However, checking `kafka` + tab, only following commands are available.


    kafka-console-consumer            kafka-reassign-partitions
    kafka-console-producer            kafka-run-class
    kafka-consumer-offset-checker     kafka-topics


Re: Kafka installation from yum


Could you check the below parcel information .








 sudo service kafka-server start.





Re: Kafka installation from yum

Super Collaborator
You can edit the cloudera-kafka.repo file and change the version number to the desired version.

# Packages for Cloudera's Distribution for kafka, Version 1, on RedHat or CentOS 7 x86_64
name=Cloudera's Distribution for kafka, Version 3
gpgkey =
gpgcheck = 1

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