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Kafka to Druid injection


Kafka to Druid injection

New Contributor

Hi All,


I am new  to Hadoop/Big-data Administration, I configured HDP 2.6.5 cluster with Four nodes.most of the services running on three nodes, to have quorum.


My Issues,

I Deployed required ETL's and scheduled oozie jobs to run daily, jobs are executing as expected and writing data to Kafka Topics, I can the data in Kafka Topics,  but i don't see  in druid data source,

this issue is with few ETL's, few are running fine. 


I suspect supervisor might be having some issue to inject the data from Kafka topic to Druid data source, I have checked in logs, but don't see much in logs.


One Doubt - can we have Broker and middle manager running in even nodes like 2,4,6, will be there any quorum issue.


I have done some basic tuning, but no luck, 

Any assistance is appreciated.