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Kafka to HBase streaming

Kafka to HBase streaming

New Contributor

Hello Guys,

The use case which I am working on to stream Kafka records from HBase using a scala code in spark. And a table is created in the HBase before running the Spark application in spark shell. Now, I wanted to stream the same records to HBase from Kafka without specifying the Columns and Column family in the code. And is there a way to automate the code, Even posting the Scala code which I am using to stream the records to HBase. Where CUST is the column family and CUST_*** are columns.

val ssc = new StreamingContext(sc, Seconds(3))

val kafkaParams = Map[String, Object]

( "bootstrap.servers" -> "1**.**.*.**:***7",

"key.deserializer" -> classOf[StringDeserializer],

"value.deserializer" -> classOf[StringDeserializer],

"" -> "testkafkatohase25",

"auto.offset.reset" -> "latest",

"" -> (false: java.lang.Boolean)


val topics = Array("*****")

val consumerStrategy = ConsumerStrategies.Subscribe[String, String](topics, kafkaParams)

val stream = KafkaUtils.createDirectStream[String, String](ssc, LocationStrategies.PreferConsistent, consumerStrategy)

val lines =



rdd.foreachPartition(iter => {

val hConf = HBaseConfiguration.create()

val hTable = new HTable(hConf, "*****")

iter.foreach(record => {

val str1 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(0).split(":")(1)

val str2 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(1).split(":")(1)

val str3 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(2).split(":")(1)

val str4 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(3).split(":")(1)

val str5 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(4).split(":")(1)

val str6 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(5).split(":")(1)

val str7 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(6).split(":")(1)

val str8 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(7).split(":")(1)

val str9 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(8).split(":")(1)

val str10 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(9).split(":")(1)

val str11 = record.substring(0, record.length - 1).split("\"payload\":")(1).split(",")(10).split(":")(1).split("}")(0)

val id_con = str1

val id = id_con.toString

val thePut = new Put(Bytes.toBytes(id))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_**"), Bytes.toBytes(str1))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_*****"), Bytes.toBytes(str2))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_*****"), Bytes.toBytes(str3))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_*****"), Bytes.toBytes(str4))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_*****"), Bytes.toBytes(str5))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_****"), Bytes.toBytes(str6))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_A****"), Bytes.toBytes(str7))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_****"), Bytes.toBytes(str8))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_****"), Bytes.toBytes(str9))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_****"), Bytes.toBytes(str10))

thePut.add(Bytes.toBytes("CUST"), Bytes.toBytes("CUST_*****"), Bytes.toBytes(str11))








Re: Kafka to HBase streaming

Expert Contributor

If you are trying to stream records from Kafka to HBase, I'd recommend giving Apache NiFi a look. It's part of our stack and is geared towards moving data from one place to another.

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