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Kerberos -> CDH on Windows & Impala


Kerberos -> CDH on Windows & Impala


Is there any tutorial available on how to connect to a Kerberos server running on Linux (installed with CDM) from Windows ?
Note that this Windows box is already connected to an AD.

The ultimate goal is for the end-user to be able to connect to impala using its own JDBC SQL client.

The setup is working, I tested it on a Linux client with kinit and impala-shell (and with another JDBC client) without issue.




P.S. Posted also on Impala's Google Group


Re: Kerberos -> CDH on Windows & Impala


Re: Kerberos -> CDH on Windows & Impala


This is not yet solved.


Even without AD in the way (on a windows machine not connected to a domain), we have trouble making kerberos work with Impala on Windows.


The ODBC driver works well (we tried with Tableau).

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