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Kerberos issue

Kerberos issue

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I am trying to configure Spring XD on Cloudera.

Spring is working fine when I am trying to save the data in my local machine but when I am trying to store data in HDFS, I am getting the error: 


2015-07-20T13:05:08-0500 WARN Spring Shell o.a.h.i.Client:675 - Exception encountered while connecting to the server : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Server has invalid Kerberos principal: hdfs/
ls: Failed on local exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Server has invalid Kerberos principal: hdfs/; Host Details : local host is: ""; destination host is: "":8020;


I've already gone through the solutions provided in other forums. Please let me know how should I proceed.




Re: Kerberos issue

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Please try to regenerate your kerberos principal.


Administration --> Security --> Kerberos Credentials --> (select hdfs/ --> Regenerate Selected





Re: Kerberos issue

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The "Server Has An Invalid Principal" can occur at times for a few reasons, but many times it can happen in a kerberos cross-realm trust between two realms where the client is in one realm connecting to a cluster in another realm.


On the client side, you can add the following property to bypass:




Or, make sure the following is set in your client's hdfs-site.xml:




I haven't coded with Spring XD, so I'm not entirely sure how to have the property set via Spring...