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Kerberos-solr issue

Kerberos-solr issue




When I am trying to access my solrCloud web UI page, deployed in cloudera cluster, I have encountered with the error "DEFECTED TOKENS DETECTED". It is because of kerbarose installed on cluster.

Is there any other way that I can access solr in this scenario with kerbarose installed ?

I got one option that - an API should be built to access solr ui page by passing kerberos parameters.Is it possible? If so,how?

Writing a java program helps in any way for connecting to solr? While writing a java program also, i have to give connection to solr URL with port or zookeeper host variable for indexing and querying. Will that java program work out?

Please help me out.


Re: Kerberos-solr issue

Cloudera Employee

Assuming Solr is set up correctly with kerberos, you can access it from your web browser.  You have to set up kerberos for your web browser -- every browser has specific instructions.  I would recommend connecting first via "curl" to ensure kerberos is working.