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Kerberos ticket renew in spark streaming application

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I have a problem with kerberos ticket renew in spark streaming aplication (Kafka/SparkStreaming/Hbase), I am using kafka-streaming-kafka-0-10  and it is not renewing a ticket from kerberos, I am using the UserGroupInformation class from hadoop-common 2.6.0 to autenticate my application, it looks like my application tried to renew the ticket from kafta and it does not get it and my application finished.

The following lines are the messages of my application:



17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO scheduler.ReceiverTracker: ReceiverTracker stopped
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO scheduler.JobGenerator: Stopping JobGenerator immediately
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO util.RecurringTimer: Stopped timer for JobGenerator after time 1506332145000
17/09/25 11:35:47 WARN kerberos.KerberosLogin: TGT renewal thread has been interrupted and will exit.
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO scheduler.JobGenerator: Stopped JobGenerator
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO scheduler.JobScheduler: Stopped JobScheduler
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO handler.ContextHandler: Stopped o.s.j.s.ServletContextHandler@17baaf07{/streaming,null,UNAVAILABLE}
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO handler.ContextHandler: Stopped o.s.j.s.ServletContextHandler@4ad04b05{/streaming/batch,null,UNAVAILABLE}
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO handler.ContextHandler: Stopped o.s.j.s.ServletContextHandler@3d268a2c{/static/streaming,null,UNAVAILABLE}
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO streaming.StreamingContext: StreamingContext stopped successfully
17/09/25 11:35:47 INFO spark.SparkContext: Invoking stop() from shutdown hook


Anyone, have a similar case.


Best regards,


Florencio Paucar.