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Kinit admin password expired


Kinit admin password expired

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I am learning security on HDP and was going through the security workshop here

I am following the scenario with two VMs (IPA and HDP) and have problems with the IPA VM. Actually, the passwords have expired and I am unable to change them:

[root@ldap ~]# kinit
Password for admin@HORTONWORKS.COM:
Password expired.  You must change it now.
Enter new password:
Enter it again:
Password change rejected: Current password's minimum life has not expired

Password not changed..  Please try again.

Enter new password:

How can I get access and expand the expiration of users passwords ? how can I do it since the admin password is expired ?

@Ali Bajwa @Sean Roberts : maybe you have a solution since you have developed these tutorials ?




Re: Kinit admin password expired

You likely need to reset the Directory Manager password. Step 3 in the URL below. I recall doing this, but haven't had such an issue since last August: