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Knox LDAP/AD logout not working properly?

New Contributor

Hi there!

I have successfully set up and synced my LDAP users with Knox. I can log into Ambari and other services through the Knox gateway with my LDAP users. However, when it comes to logging out, I am having issues. After clicking the log out button, the service will typically redirect to the service's home page instead of the standard HDP Knox login screen. I have to click each service's logout button 2-4 times for the service to register the logout and redirect me to the standard HDP Knox login screen. I'd really appreciate any pointers, I'm quite stuck at the moment. Thanks for your help!



Super Collaborator

@Brian Chambers Looks like you have configured Knox SSO, may i know what is the hdp version

New Contributor

@scharan Sorry for the late reply! Version HDP- (


Hello @chambersbrian 

I'm facing exactly the same issue. Can you please help me with these configs? 



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