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Knox: wrong rewrite rule for logsearch



I face to some issues with the integration of logsearch with Knox. My cluster is an HDP 2.6.5.

The Knox version with HDP 2.6.5 is 0.12.0 I've defined the LOGSEARCH topology with custom Xml files but I face to some internal rewrite issues:


http://XXXX:61888/api/v1/service/logs/histogram?q=*%253A*. q=*%3A* replaced by q=*%253A* => double urlencode.

Thus logsearch can't handle this kind of request. I'm trying to define a custom dispatch class. The documentation explains a little how to do that but it's not sufficient. I'd like to find a concrete example.

Where can I find a concrete example of Dispatch class embedded that I can put in a dedicated jar (then I can copy this jar in the ext directory) ? Or how can I handle handle this kind of double encode ?

Thanks in advance