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Kudu Installation in CDH 5.16.1

Kudu Installation in CDH 5.16.1




Trying to add Kudu Service on CDH 5.16.1 on SUSE Linux (SLES 11) on single node for learning purpose.

I am getting below error:


This role requires the following additional parcels to be activated before it can start: [kudu].


As per the Cloudera documentation it say "Starting with Apache Kudu 1.5.0 / CDH 5.13, Kudu ships with CDH 5. In a parcel-based configuration, Kudu is part of the CDH parcel rather than a separate parcel. The Kudu packages are also bundled into the CDH package."


Please let me know how to resolve the issue.


Re: Kudu Installation in CDH 5.16.1

Super Guru



You are correct that CDH 5.16.1 includes kudu and no extra parcel should be required.


A couple things to consider:




If you had a Kudu CSD installed at sometime in the past, make sure you have removed it before attempting to use the service... usually the csd jars are in /opt/cloudera/csd


If you do find/remove a file, make sure to restart Cloudera Manager with "service cloudera-scm-server restart"




The check that returns the message you are getting obtains its information about parcels from the agent heartbeat on the host in question.  Make sure, in the "hosts" tab of Cloudera Manager that you see the host on which you added the Kudu roles is heartbeating (last heartbeat should be less than 15 seconds before).


You could also try running "Inspect all Hosts" to see a report of all the hosts and the parcels / versions on each host.  That may supply a clue too.


It is hard to say what is causing this, so you may need to poke around a bit.  The above points focus on some possible areas of concern.