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Kudu table performance degradation: CDH 5.16: Kudu 1.7 -> Kudu 1.9 ?

Kudu table performance degradation: CDH 5.16: Kudu 1.7 -> Kudu 1.9 ?



We are facing a performance degradation on our Kudu table scan with CDH 5.16 (Kudu 1.7).

It seems that (as mentioned in this is due to:
KUDU-1400: Improve rowset compaction policy to consider merging small DRSs
which is fixed in Kudu 1.9 coming with CDH 6.2.

Here are the 2 questions:
1- Is the upgrade of CDH 5.16 from Kudu 1.7 to Kudu 1.9 supported ?
     So that we can test the fix on our CDH 5.16 without having to install CDH 6.2.
      Any experience on usage of CDH 5.16 with Kudu 1.9 ?

2- As a workaround we can copy the table and perform our requests on this newly created table: this drastically improve the performance.
But the problem will reappear again and again as soon as our current ingestion processing is frequently writing (upsert, delete, insert) into that table.
Could there be another workaround like a specific Kudu maintenance to apply on those kind of 'fragmented' tables ?


Thanks and regards,

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