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Kylin home page not loading

New Contributor

Hello Folks,

I have see a lot of threads around this but not seen any respose that resovled the issue.

I am running HDP Sandbox 2.5 and installed Kylin 2.0 beta. Kylin seems to have installed correctly but still it is not working



What's the outputs in logs/kylin.log?

I run it successfully in HDP 2.4 sandbox, but didn't try 2.5.

New Contributor

I finally found a solution to this problem.

The HDP2.5 sanddbox VM uses a docker container within the VM that contains the entire Hadoop stack. the Docker container is another Linux OS system which is centOS 6.8 which has its own root login. Hence there needs to be a port binding from the Linux VM OS (centOS 7.0) with the Docker Container OS (centOS 6.8).

The port binding happends when the docker container is run. Hence, a change is required in the script to additionally bind the VM OS to the DOCKER OS.

Kylin uses port 7070.

I followed the below steps and it works:

Log on to the Linux VM root user - root/hadoop and run the following commands

1. systemctl disable sandbox.service

2. init 6

3. Edit the "" file using - vi /root/start_scripts/ (add a line in the docker command to bind port 7070) [Simply add a line in the docker run command section after the line -p 6080:6080 \ with the following: -p 7070:7070 \]

4. docker rm sandbox

5. systemctl enable sandbox.service

6. init 6

The above steps are clearly outlined here -> (i just compressed it) ->


Cool, thanks Ashish!

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