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Kylin service is not showing up on Ranger UI.

Kylin service is not showing up on Ranger UI.

New Contributor

I am running Hdp-2.6.5 with apache Kylin-2.5.0. I use apache ranger 0.7.0 for authorization. completes without any error, appending the file with the property


ranger-kylin-security.xml and other related files are created in kylin conf directory.

It also created the repository under /etc/ranger and kylindev.json file under policycache.

But, Kylin service is not showing up in ranger-ui even after the restart of apache kylin and ranger-admin.

2019-07-25 14:44:21,553 ERROR [Thread-16] client.RangerAdminRESTClient:166 : Error getting policies; service not found. secureMode=false, user=root (auth:SIMPLE), respo

nse=404, serviceName=kylindev, lastKnownVersion=-1, lastActivationTimeInMillis=1564051818218

2019-07-25 14:44:21,572 ERROR [Thread-16] util.PolicyRefresher:272 : PolicyRefresher(serviceName=kylindev): failed to find service. Will clean up local cache of policie

s (-1)

org.apache.ranger.plugin.util.RangerServiceNotFoundException: kylindev

at org.apache.ranger.plugin.util.RangerServiceNotFoundException.throwExceptionIfServiceNotFound(

at org.apache.ranger.admin.client.RangerAdminRESTClient.getServicePoliciesIfUpdated(

at org.apache.ranger.plugin.util.PolicyRefresher.loadPolicyfromPolicyAdmin(

at org.apache.ranger.plugin.util.PolicyRefresher.loadPolicy(


2019-07-25 14:44:21,572 WARN [Thread-16] util.PolicyRefresher:414 : Cleaning up local cache

2019-07-25 14:44:21,573 WARN [Thread-16] util.PolicyRefresher:419 : Moved /etc/ranger/kylindev/policycache/kylin_kylindev.json to /etc/ranger/kylindev/policycache/kylin_kylindev.json_1564065861573

2019-07-25 14:44:21,573 INFO [Thread-16] policyengine.RangerPolicyRepository:925 : This policy engine contains 0 policy evaluators

I am stuck up in this for so long.. Please help me in fixing this.

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