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LDAP/AD group sync with ambari

is there some way if users are added in the group say group1 in the AD then automatically group1 gets sync with the ambari .

I have sync ldap with ambari but only users.txt file is there where I can add the users and sync with ambari , I want same for the groups too , there should be group.txt file as well , what step I have missed while setting up ldap with ambari . also this will involve manual process appending the groups in the group.txt file and then run the ambari ladap sync command with group.txt file as option with this but is there way when group is added in the ad/ldap it automatically gets sync with ambari ?



I have read one curl command which does the same but little difficulty understanding the same :

What is difference between sync_type specific and sync_type existing ?

this curl command also comes with principal_type : user , and group is also there what does it mean ?

does it sync users along with groups as well ? if groups are in sync with ambari what is need to sync users along ?

curl -k -u admin:<password>-H'X-Requested-By: ambari'-X POST -d '[{"Event": {"specs":[{"principal_type": "users", "sync_type":"specific", "names":"sredd66,sreddyuw"},{"principal_type":"groups","sync_type":"specific","names": "hadoopadmin,hadoopusers"}]}}]' https://ambarihostname:8080/api/v1/ldap_sync_events

You will need to add --groups groups.txt to your sync command and then automate that command to execute routinely.

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