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LDAP nested group queries

LDAP nested group queries

New Contributor

Is there a way to configure LDAP to support nested group queries?


Our LDAP directory service will return all groups (including nested groups) to which a user belongs by querying for the 'memberOf' attribute of the user object.  But it does not appear that the "LDAP Group Search Filter For Logged In User" in the cloudera manager configuration allows for this type of query.


Is there a way to configure cloudera manager and hue to query the user object for the memberOf attribute?  Specifically, the group query would be something like (using ldapsearch as an example):


ldapsearch -h <ldap host> -p <port> -D <bind DN> -w <bind pw> -b <user base dn> uid=<user id> memberof


This returns a list of group DN's.