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Learning Hadoop; can I set up a training cluster at home?


Learning Hadoop; can I set up a training cluster at home?

New Contributor

(Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to be asking this)​


I want to set up a Hadoop cluster on my home network as a training exercise and need advice as to the configuration that best suits the hardware I have available. I would like to use a combination of both virtual (on Windows) and hardware nodes (Ubuntu) with approximately a terabyte of dedicated disk space for the filesystem. The machines I have (or will have) at my disposal are:


​8 core / 32GB (dual processor) with 4TB RAID5 array running Windows 7
4 core / 16GB with 1TB RAID5 running Windows 10
2 core / 8GB Thinkpad running Ubuntu 16.04 (need to install Linux)
12 core / 32GB (dual processor) with 1TB RAID5 array running Ubuntu 16.04 (need to assemble hardware and install Linux)


I would like to get the VMs up and running first; Will the Cloudera sandbox VM allow me to create a multi-node cluster with both virtual and hardware nodes?