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Lily Hbase indexer error


Lily Hbase indexer error

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just one question, since Lily Hbase can't replicate one record, and try again again, it means the latest data has been stuck. 


how to slove this kind issue, my assumption is  to find out what's the postion have been replicated by solr, and want to change the position, it means ignore the error reocrd, but i didn't find the postion in ZK.


it seems no any solution except rebuild index, but it will lost data if i rebuild. who have this kind experience ?


Re: Lily Hbase indexer error

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If you have records that can't be sent to solr, its likely due to a data integrity issue, which you need to resolve. In order to rebuild the index, the recommendation would be to drop the hbase indexer instance, and use the Hbase MaprReduceIndexerTool to reindex existing data, and then recreate the hbase indexer.


Re: Lily Hbase indexer error

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if Lily hbase index replication can be similar with MySQL replication, it will be better. save the replication in ZK, if there are some failure , we can change replication position,then re-replicated again.

currently, as you suggested, drop hbase index and re-create, it's more complex and not convenient .