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Limit LDAP/AD users from a specific group to log in to Ranger Admin UI


Hi all,

I have a following config that should restrict users outside the group in the search filter to log in into Ranger Admin UI. The group contains only one user (lets say userA)However, all the users that are under the baseDN can log in, no matter what I put in the search filter.


For the record, usersync is also configured with the same search filter and only one user (userA) is synced, so on that side, it works.

Any ideas?

Regards, Dino


@Dino Bukvic

In Ranger , Setting -> Permissions can help to setup group which can have access to Ranger components.




Hi Fahim,

I think this is not suitable. I am asking how I can filter out a AD user to connect to Ranger Admin UI. Since the filter described in my email is not working.

Regards, Dino

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