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Limiting the amount of memory used by Phoenix client

We are running HDP 2.4. Our Java application connects to Phoenix using the fat client.

While testing our queries in a stand alone query tool (DbVisualizer), some queries will error out when we allocate 4GB to the client, and then work when we up that to 6GB. We know that there may be things we can do to reduce the memory usage of those queries, and we are working on that, but when we move to embed these Phoenix queries within our regular Java app, we need to make sure that a bad Phoenix query does not use up all of our heap and cause problems for the rest of our application. Aside from query timeouts, are there any settings we can enable to limit the amount of memory that the client will use?


@Jason Knaster - Look at Apache Phoenix Configurations for tuning:

properties like 'phoenix.query.maxGlobalMemoryPercentage' might help.

@Namit Maheshwari

Thank you for the quick reply. If I am reading the description of that property correctly, it sounds like a server side setting. Is that a client level setting? For this issue, we are not looking at limiting memory on the HBase cluster (that is a different issue), but instead on our client applications.