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List hdfs directories and sort based on directories' size

New Contributor

I have tried to list the hadoop directories in human readable format using the below command and it worked well :

hadoop fs -du -s -h <path_to_hadoop_folder>

Now I am trying to sort this output based on size descending or ascending but not able to do so

"-S" option sorts based on file size but it is not compatible with -du filesystem command. It works only with -ls

And I used the below command. It sorts based on file size but it is listing all the subdirectories as well.

hadoop fs -ls -S -h <path_to_hadoop_folder>

But what I want is to list the folders' size and sort them based on its size. It should not go into the folder and list all the sub-directories or files.


Expert Contributor



The second command mentioned by you (as below) lists only the directories and does not include its sub directories.


hadoop fs -ls -S -h <path_to_hadoop_folder>


Can you double check and share the result you see?