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ListFiles hangs on SMB Share

I'm running Nifi 1.4.0 on Windows and attempting to ListFiles over an SMB share hosted on Linux. The share has around 10,000 files in it and when accessed via File Explorer it comes back with the files in around 10 seconds. ListFile never seems to come back. I've left it running for about 10 minutes with no activity other than the little icon in the upper right corner indicating that a task is taking place. Prior to this I've tried with 5 files in the share and it worked just fine. The ListFile processor is not set to recurse subdirectories. This is a stand alone server with two CPU's and 4GB of memory. Java Memory settings are at 1GB for Xms/Xmx. This processor seems to work fine when pointed at a local directory with the same files in it. Does anyone have any idea how I could make this work?