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Load Hive table using Hiveconf Variable

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Hi All,

I have something like

hive -S -hiveconf MY_VAR1 =$Var -f /home/vaibhav/Desktop/my_script.hql

Where $Var is the name of the file coming from an array from the shell script .the above line is also defined in that shell script only.


loAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/home/vaibhav/Desktop/'${hiveconf:MY_VAR1}' ' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE xyz

When i'm trying to execute the above scenerio i'm getting error like :

FAILED: SemanticException Line 1:23 Invalid path ''/home/vaibhav/Desktop/=mydata.csv'': No files matching path file:/home /vaibhav/Desktop/=mydata.csv


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Can any one ans this?