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Load csv into Hbase using Nifi

Load csv into Hbase using Nifi

New Contributor


I'n new to Nifi and learning the tool and concepts as I work on it. I have a sample record in csv that I need to load into Hbase. The challenge is parsing the attributes from the extended attributes column.

Can anyone please suggest me the best way to do this . Taking the .csv file and loading it in Hbase.

Thanks in advance!

experiment_uuid action extended_attributes uuid
02118043-433c-83cd-122e-6567d6fa0bf7 delivered {"message_uuid":"e513cb93-4e1e-4fa2-89a6-35fd74ebd45c","transaction_uuid":"8eb552ff-0d41-49d7-ab93-02f24df3d8c4","template":"trigger-onboarding-2-mylt-ctl"} 16e928e2-14bb-4c69-9b77-22e71bdf5f72
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