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Lock down "cloudera" user account?

Lock down "cloudera" user account?

New Contributor

Can someone provide instructions on how to lock down the VM such that either (1) the "cloudera" user account requires a password to login, or (2) the cloudera user cannot login (i.e., I would have to login with a different user account)?

I already created a separate user account that requires logging in, but it's not clear to me how to lock down the "cloudera" user itself.  I also wasn't sure how much trouble it would be to grant my custom user permissions to be able to access all the services  -- just adding the user to a group or something more painful.

Also, could someone explain to me why changed settings in the default desktop of either the cloudera user or my custom user don't stick across reboots?   It's kind of strange that if I change the time zone or time, it only persists until restarting the VM, meaning that I end up having to set these values every time I start up the VM.

Using VMWare Player version, if that's applicable.



Re: Lock down "cloudera" user account?

New Contributor

Any ideas?

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