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Log Feeder continually yield Error "Caught exception checkIn. , input=input:source=file"

New Contributor


I found my newly installed HDP 3.0 cluster continually report Error on "Log Feeder service".

Caught exception checkIn. , input=input:source=file, path=/var/log/hive/hiveserver2.log. Messages suppressed before: 1

Need help. Thanks!


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How can I fix this? Anyone can help?

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Were you able to get rid of the errors @Lowid ? I am seeing similar messages for NiFi in HDF.

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I get the same error. It can happen on different input files. In my case I saw path=/var/log/hive/hiveserver2Interactive.log, path=/var/log/hadoop/hdfs/hdfs-audit.log and path=/var/log/ranger/admin/xa_portal.log.

When open context I saw this:

2019-04-25 16:44:16,621 ERROR - Caught exception checkIn. , input=input:source=file, path=/var/log/ranger/admin/xa_portal.log. Messages suppressed before: 1 java.lang.NullPointerException