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Login button not visible on Zeppelin 0.6?

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Hello Guys,

I have installed apache zeppelin, but I am not able to see login feature on gui.

Please let me now how to do it.

link use to install:

I have installed using ambari.




I have followed above steps given in the url..

Still it is not working..

Thank you in advance

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Can you confirm if this is expected to work on HDP 2.4.0 Zeppelin? This link suggests it should, but I'm hitting the same error as described above. I've been able to reproduce the issue on a HDP 2.4.0 sandbox and also a new install of HDP 2.4.0 using Zeppelin that is provided with in the HDP repo.

Not sure if this works with 2.4.0. But with 2.4.2 it works.

@Laurence Da Luz Pl post your shiro config, is it configured for authcBasic or authc?

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I've attempted this using the same configuration as @Manoj Dhake. Please see the following link for shiro.ini:

This was using authcBasic. Note though, I've also attempted the configuration using authc and experienced the same issue (no login prompt displayed). There seems to be no impact to Zeppelin at all when changing this shiro.ini file and restarting (I had tried both local user config & LDAP configuration). Is there a way to confirm that this shiro.ini file is actually being read?

Please post the path of the shiro config that you are using? Also turn on Zeppelin logging and post the debug logs.


Path of shiro.ini:


log: zeppelinlog.txt


@Manoj Dhake....I am not sure if your issue is resolved or not but I resolved the same by doing below and after doing below I could see the Login Buttion and I could successfully login to Zeepelin notebook with AD user.

Change below in Zeepelin Notebook => Configs


[urls] # anon means the access is anonymous. # authcBasic means Basic Auth Security # To enfore security, comment the line below and uncomment the next one

/api/version = authcBasic

#/** = anon

/** = authc

@HadoopAdmin India

To enable login to Zeppelin in HDP 2.5, below are the changes I had to make to Ambari > Zeppelin > Configs > zeppelin-env > shiro_ini_content

1. Uncomment admin line (by removing #) and set to your password

#admin = password1 


admin = mysecurepassword

2. Uncomment any lines starting with #sessionManager or #securityManager

3. Uncomment authc line by changing:

#/** = authc


/** = authc

4. Comment out anon line by changing:

/** = anon 


#/** = anon

Here is a script to automate this using Run it from Ambari host (but first change ambari_user, ambari_password, cluster_name, zeppelin_host per your environment)


cd /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/scripts/

#create zeppelin-env.json with updated configs
 ./ -u ${ambari_user} -p ${ambari_password} get localhost ${cluster_name} zeppelin-env   | sed -e '1,3d' \    
-e "/^\"shiro_ini_content\" : / s:#admin = password1:admin = ${ambari_password}:"  \    
-e "/^\"shiro_ini_content\" : / s:#sessionManager:sessionManager:" \    
-e "/^\"shiro_ini_content\" : / s:#securityManager:securityManager:" \    
-e "/^\"shiro_ini_content\" : / s:#securityManager:securityManager:" \    
-e "/^\"shiro_ini_content\" : / s:/\*\* = anon:#/\*\* = anon:" \    
-e "/^\"shiro_ini_content\" : / s:#/\*\* = authc:/\*\* = authc:"  > /tmp/zeppelin-env.json

#write updating configs to Ambari
./ -u ${ambari_user} -p ${ambari_password} set localhost ${cluster_name} zeppelin-env /tmp/zeppelin-env.json

#restart Zeppelin

curl -u ${ambari_user}:${ambari_password} -H 'X-Requested-By: blah' -X POST -d "{   \"RequestInfo\":{      \"command\":\"RESTART\",      \"context\":\"Restart Zeppelin\",      \"operation_level\":{         \"level\":\"HOST\",         \"cluster_name\":\"${cluster_name}\"      }   },   \"Requests/resource_filters\":[      {         \"service_name\":\"ZEPPELIN\",         \"component_name\":\"ZEPPELIN_MASTER\",         \"hosts\":\"${zeppelin_host}\"      }   ]}" http://localhost:8080/api/v1/clusters/$cluster_name/requests