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Looking for a way to monitor and track the number of Hive queries run per day/week/month

I am looking for a way to monitor and track the number of Hive queries that have been run per day/week/month and by who, how long they took, etc. Basically I want to be able to run my own queries to how the Tez View in Ambari works. The data in the Tez view is exactly what I want, however I want to run queries against that data and not just click around in the UI. What is a recommended way to go about this process/has anyone done this before?



Unfortunately this is not an option right now as I am on a HDP version that does not have those features. I am running HDP 2.3.4

I was thinking there would possibly be some REST API I could call to get the same info as Tez View. I was able to execute this rest API command to get the information into a .json file, however it puts all information for each query/DAG onto one line (the whole file is one line):

curl -u admin:password -o test.json -X GET 

Does anyone think this could work or think I'm heading in the right direction?

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