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LookupRecord with DatabaseLookupService

New Contributor

Hi, collegues!
We have stucked at this issue.
Our incoming JSON

GUID: 123432,

UserName: "John Silver",

Department: "Headquarters"


And lookup table in the Oracle database consits of two columns: id, desc.

What we want to achive is get the id from that table by provided description from json (for instance Department field).

After LookupRecord processor with following key settings:

Result RecordPath => /Department

Record Result Contents => Insert Record Fields

Record Update Strategy => Use Property

User-definet propery:
key => /Department

We get JSON as follow:


GUID: 123432,

UserName: "John Silver",

Department: "MapRecord[{ID = 7107070}]"

What we are doing wrong or probably not in correct way?
Really appreciate for any clue)



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