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Lost some metric data of namenode

Expert Contributor

I use ambari and hdp.

I had reinstall ambari metric and restart it.

I found after the reinstall, the metric data of

NameNode GC count

NameNode GC time

NN Connection Load

NameNode RPC

NameNode Operations

shows "No Data Available"

I had try restart ambari metrics ,but no use to reslove this.

And there no errors shows on the ambari WEB UI


Super Mentor

@darkz yu

By default the AMS runs in Embedded Mode, In which by default the metrics data is stored inside the location mentioned by the "hbase.rootdir" (Default value: "file:///opt/log/ambari-metrics-collector/hbase" ) inside ams-hbase-site configuration.

So if by any chance that "hbase.rootdir" path (HDFS or local) is removed / deleted then your old metrics data will be lost. Can you please check if that is the case.

Additional Checks:

1. Also can you please check if after reinstalling AMS, have you restarted the services like HDFS service so that these components can pickup the latest metrics JAR files.

$ lsof -p $NAMENODE_PID | grep ambari-metrics
java  2193 hdfs  mem  REG  253,1  3125254 25188339 /usr/lib/ambari-metrics-hadoop-sink/ambari-metrics-hadoop-sink-with-common-

2. Also please check if the "Sink timeline started" by the HDFS components or not? It can be seen in the logs of the HDFS components like DataNode/NameNode.


$ grep -i 'Sink timeline started' /var/log/hadoop/hdfs/ 
2017-06-09 12:02:23,386 INFO  impl.MetricsSinkAdapter ( - Sink timeline started


3. Check the file on the HDFS component installed hosts to see if it is pointing to the correct AMS host and if the host is reachable or not?

$ grep 'host' /etc/hadoop/conf/


Port is correct or not?

$ grep '*.sink.timeline.port=6188' /etc/hadoop/conf/


Expert Contributor

I had check the log of namenode .

Because I change the host fof mabari metric collector,So the log shows post error to the old ambari metric collector host.

Super Mentor

@darkz yu

Have you following the steps mentioned in the following doc to properly move the AMS to a new host?

Following points are important if you want to see OLD metrics data after moving the AMS to new host:

If the AMS is in embedded mode, copy the AMS data from old node to new node.

  • For embedded mode (ams-site: timeline.metrics.service.operation.mode), copy over the hbase.rootdir and tmpdir to new host from the old collector host.
  • For distributed mode, since AMS HBase is writing to HDFS, no change will be necessary.
  • Ensure that ams:hbase-site:hbase.rootdir and hbase.tmp.dir are pointing to the correct location in the new AMS node

- The service daemons will be pointing to the old metrics collector host. Perform a rolling restart of slave components and a normal restart of Master components for them to pick up the new collector host.