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Lots of problems with HDF 3.1 sandbox


I just got the HDF sandbox 3.1 downloaded and running in Docker for Windows. There are numerous problems I am encountering and can't get started at all with the tutorials. Considering the number of issues, maybe there's a common single thing wrong or the latest sandbox has a lot of issues. Any ideas to help? Thanks in advance.

1. Ambari does not start. Have to go to advanced screen, open console, and run ambari-server start.

2. In Ambari, all the metrics charts fail with "Error There was a problem getting data for the chart (error: )"

3. Nifi is not running. Upon manually starting at the command line runs for a few minutes and status will repeatedly show it is running but after a few minutes it stops and status shows it is not running.

4. Even when nifi is running, opening a browser to port 9090 fails with empty response...

5. Streaming Analytics manager does not start. Opening a browser to port 777 fails with empty response.

6. In Ambari, opening the config tab on any service just shows spinning wheel. Never gets to any config.

7. Not sure what service should be listening on port 8080 but a lot of links use that port. None of them work; no response from port 8080. Ambari, usually on port 8080, is on port 1080.



Bumping this.


I dropped Docker and went back to Virtual box. The Virtual Box sandbox works properly. The Docker image was clearly defective, showing many CRIT alarms in Ambari that have dates older than the sandbox image which makes me think that the image was deployed with a bunch of pre-existing errors. The Virtual Box sandbox image has none of those CRIT errors.

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